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100% Organic experience


Tasty syrups take the healthiest natural extracts of flowers/seeds/leaves into our bodies.


Most of our beauty products are food grade. Eat, Drink and Apply. All natural.


Vinegars help improve liver function. Infused Vinegars help address multiple disorders.

Distilled Water

100% hydrosols of flowers/seeds/leaves are closest to nature.


Selling Health

Kashan Foods wants to re-create a chemical-free food world and thus makes utmost efforts to produce products without the use of chemicals in contrast to market practices. At any of the processing stages, we do not use chemical essences, chemical preservatives, chemical stabilizers, etc. The use of chemicals has led to humanity falling into disease trap. On the other hand, our focus is to use those ingredients which are not only natural but have great effects on the health of user. The quality of raw material is the most important aspect in the preparation of our products. We ensure that the products made are produced in highly hygienic conditions. While we focus on health effects on the user, we make sure that the product creates a great taste and thus attracts the user.

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